Particle Stores – Favorites

Interesting thought…the first inclination was to “hide” the stores I use, so that my dance effects can be “different” and “special”.  It took only a few seconds before I totally nixed that idea.  If we don’t encourage support of the particle shops, animation creators, etc. in SL…how long will it be before they close their doors?  So….here’s my list, as a convenient resource for me and hopefully useful to you AND a benefit for the creators!

A work in progress…these are stores I use



Nix Club

Illusions – Venus Adored

ColeMarie Soleil – hand and body particles

Dancer’s Particle

  • Buy the free texture prim at the back of the store.  I still cache my effects, but this is great for late arrivals.
  • “I think you have seen the gray box when you put some particles on.
    This object “TEX ALL(wear me)” resolve the problem by pre-loading the textures.

    We are preparing the next one which follows the particles of “Active Dolphin”.

    In the future, we will update some of these in GROUP NOTICE.
    The joining to the group is recommended.

    Dancer’s particle”

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