Favorite Gadgets

My ultimate favorite gadget.  So simple yet it completely changed how I organize my animations and how I choose animations for choreography

Holds poses, animations, and dances.  Copy animations to each number (right click, edit linked) – my dances are grouped by store or animation pack (for Abranimations).  Stand on the pad and press the arrows below each number, it will cycle you through your dance animations.

Much easier than wearing a bunch of huds on your screen when choosing animations for a dance.  If the owner finds an animation they like, click on the number and choose to get the animation.  It will give you a copy.  I then take these animation copies, dump them into a choreography hud for the dance, and delete the duplicates out of inventory.  Super fast and I use more of my animations this way.

Modifiable – you can change the textures, link and unlink the numbered blocks to add more, etc.




Save camera view positions so you can change your camera view quickly to stay pads, tip jars, front of stage, etc.

Camera View Save/Setup HUD – OL

Allows you to save your camera positions so you can easily change views to different areas on a sim.  I keep multiple copies in named folders – one for each venue/sim where it’s helpful.  Bottom row – click and save current camera position to up to 8 view slots.  Top row – change current view to the saved view for whichever view slot you select.  Click again to release your camera view.  If you used your arrows to cam around, use escape to return to the selected camera view.


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