The Adventure Begins

What would this world be without a little adventure?  What would LIFE be without adventure?  On a mission, I dig out my spiffy adventure outfit and re-christen my little hut as “Adventure Headquarters” with a bottle of champagne.  (Ok, ok, it was a bottle of orange soda from the fridge…imagination people!)

adventure headquarters

Why have I started this grand adventure, you wonder?  With so many things swimming in my head – SL dance, teaching, goals, reading, learning..I sometimes forget that child-like wonder.  I want to slowly explore the magical world of SL!  Find the off-beat places, wherever my whims take me and my feet wander!   This blog will be filled with all sorts of things, but let us begin with adventure – shall we?


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1 Response to The Adventure Begins

  1. pathmakermcg says:

    Love the new blog. 🙂 Never claim to be sane. I know from experience. :^]


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