I never said I was sane…

Welcome one and all!  I, Eva Harley, will be your flight attendant, pilot, and in-flight entertainment during this most interesting ride into the cosmos…or truly of the virtual reality world of Second Life and my inner mind.  Scary indeed.  Please fasten those seat belts for even I do not know where this adventure will take us!

Why a blog you ask?  Because the voices in my head demand a new medium.  Perhaps there are things to share, to inspire, but also because sometimes creativity is found when I just put finger to keyboard and type freely without thinking.  Sometimes thoughts just swirl in my head, unsatisfied until they are written.  I ramble, always have, make no apology for it any longer.  It is how I process things, how I share when something excites me.  I like to write, like to think, and create.  So many different things, always more to learn and explore.  I discover new things about the world and myself, every day.  This is a story of that journey… or pieces of it.

What will you find here?  I dance in SL, very passionately.  There is such creativity, potential for expression, diversity in it for me.  When it feels like work, I remind myself to step back and remember why I do what I do.  I believe in universal spirit, energy in all things, that when people cross our path it is for a reason.  In this life there are lessons to be learned, experiences to be had, some good, some not so good, but all have a reason.  I believe that everyone has something special to share, that I am no better than anyone else, and that we all see life through our own perception, our own thoughts, our own realities.  I read nearly anything I get my hands on, like to push experiences, to learn new ways to do things, and thrive on new ideas and creative thoughts…then bringing them to life.

What precipitated creating this blog?  First, a song shared by a good friend that resonates deeply with me.  It is so easy to stop seeing the magic, stop exploring all that is new and different, to fall into the same patterns, to forget.  Listening, it moves me.  I feel deeply, feel the flow of the universe when I stop and fall quiet.  I embark on new adventures in all worlds.  This is my canvas to paint.  Welcome to a piece of my world.

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