No kittens or cute babies here

I love videos of kittens, silly dogs, and cute babies, but I’ll leave them to my facebook page.  As time moves on, my thirst for knowledge and feeling grows.  To feel art, to feel music, to be moved, to be introduced to something I didn’t know before then let my thoughts build from there.

A friend introduced me to Ted talks and the Ted website –  It hosts an amazing collection of videos on almost any topic.  I’ve watched videos on topics from creating bamboo houses to art made of air and the habits of happiness.  I made goals this year, and habits…and well – some are sticking better than others but I keep on keeping on. 🙂  Today, there are two Ted videos that move me.  One just viewed for the first time, the other I find inspiring and watch once in a while.

You know, this is my first blog…I’m just going to pretend like you’re a long lost friend and roll with it.  Some I’m very close with in SL know how I love to write long rambling notes, share my thoughts (sometimes to my own detriment), and also be silly at times.  One day perhaps, I will tell you of my RL secret santa adventures.  A surprise present you say?  Nooo….mine included an egg with a clue inside…and that is only the beginning.  Another time, alas, for I am in a creative mood yet need inspiration too…

So..this first video is new to me.  Flash mobs are kind of passe’ but while they were at the height of popularity I did participate in a few.  I couldn’t help grinning as I watched this – and once again was reminded that life is short, have fun, have experiences.

Some of the Ted talk videos I watch are serious, thought inspiring, moving in a deep way.  Some are funny, some pure creativity.  Dance in SL let’s me bring my imagination to life…and guess who got ideas from this video?!  I’m so very grateful for anyone who dances with me in SL – for my creative process is anything but a straight line.

On to the music and awesomeness in this video!

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