Harleyquin Workshops for Today! Oct 9th

Two fun workshops today as we dive into the paint & effects!  Creativity reigns as we focus first on textures, then run right over to play with particles!  As always, hands on opportunities in a fun and relaxing environment.

4 PM SLT – Textures – 3d textures, scaling, and more

Seemingly simple, textures can make the difference between a well designed set or one that distracts or even detracts from your dance.  Our focus today will be how textures can be used for set design, but many aspects can also be applied to costume.

During this workshop we will explore quality, scaling and offsets, 3D textures, how textures can effect lag, and more.

Workshop Details

5 PM SLT – Particles for Performance

During this workshop we review the different types of particles, ways to effectively use them to enhance your dance, trigger types and methods, considerations and resources. Includes demonstrations, and extras.  Does not include making your own particles, but three tools used for that purpose will be demonstrated.  Particle HUDs and creation tools will be available for others to try at the end of the workshop.  (1 hour, Particle Studio)

Workshop Details

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