100 word stories…grapes and rose

Occasionally I foray into 100 word stories, where you are challenged to write a story using specific words and limited to only 100.  This past week was to use two of these:  Mask, Pinprick, Out of sync, Grapes, Rose, Drive, Print, Darling, Terminal.  I am not a writer but am unexpectedly finding this to be mentally stimulating and relaxing at the same time.  (Never said I was normal, did I?)   Words dance upon the page.

A woman of many words becomes one of few.  This is mine…

Gleaming silver floats above tapestry, a steady hand its muse.  Images unfold slowly as once blank canvas overflows in a riot of color one minute stitch at a time.  Vines intertwine as lush grapes hang heavily along the border whispering their message of fertility.

Silence expands, silence as solid as the floor beneath her feet.  Not even her shallow breath disrupts the absolute stillness.

A contrasting pale rose stands alone among the vines, petals edged in decay as they flutter away from their still vibrant stem glistening with dew.  Tears.

Sound.  Movement stills abruptly.  The canvas tumbles to the floor.

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