Embracing your strengths and weaknesses

I’m in a very reflective mood today, ready to step away from the past and into the realm of new experiences and new opportunities.  As they say, sometimes you need to close some doors so that new ones will open.

We’ve all done this over our lifetime, new jobs…new friends…new relationships.  For me it’s often difficult to let go of the known, moving into uncharted waters on my own.   I attest to that old adage –

frog pot

throw a frog into a pot of boiling water,
and it will jump out immediately

put a frog in a pot of water,
raise the temperature slowly,
and it will boil to death…



We as humans are pretty adaptable to our circumstances, adjusting – even if it involves some grumbling.  Sometimes this is a good thing.  Patience is a virtue, one I don’t always have.  Sometimes I have to trust that a shift is coming, or that this too shall pass.

Sometimes it’s a sign of growth, of new adventure and opportunities.  Sometimes we need to dive in headfirst and trust there is a destination on the other side.

It is a truth, though a difficult one to accept, that women are generally not as good at tooting our own horns, minimizing our strengths, taking too much stock in the naysayers.  There’s always that inner voice of self doubt.  I imagine in the dance world of SL, it can be very difficult for men who make up such a very small percentage of choreographers, and have heard many times – “there’s only 10 dance animations for men!”.  Challenging perception as they create from their own vision.

It can be very scary to believe in ourselves, trust in ourselves, to share with others our creations – especially as we are learning.  I remember well when I was a new dancer, had not yet created anything of my own, and had my breath completely taken away performing on stage those first times.  To be part of it, to feel that magic of being on stage.  I will never be on Broadway, but I truly believe that we can experience those same amazing feelings on the stage here in this world, sharing the moment with others all across the globe.  That is magic to me.

There is a balance, in “tooting my own horn” and in being who I am, admitting weakness.  In the business world, admitting weakness is a very bad thing, especially in the corporate environment I work in (being a female in IT is not easy) – especially in a company where so much is decided based on perception.

Here in this world, I can explore my strengths and weaknesses, free to grow, to build, to shed fears and doubts.  That’s one aspect of dance for me – embracing the facets of myself I may not be able to so easily reveal in the real world.  As I build from within, this reflects on all worlds, not just SL.  This world is my safe space, my sandbox.  Me – I exist in all worlds, no matter where I am.

Explore your facets, your strengths and weaknesses.  This world can be a place to shine, and to share this journey with others.  To add value to your world, and to others along the way.

May you shine brightly, in all worlds.

~ Eva

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