Wellness, Balance, and Vulnerability

I have a health issue I deal with.  Sometimes it is harder to function with it than others.  Sometimes I can channel the struggle into creating or repetitive tasks.  Sometimes it spills over like a dam holding back too much water after floods have hit.  Sometimes I’m the only one that sees the flood, feels it, but it’s still there.  I am by far not the only one.  We all have our own internal and physical struggles we must overcome, day after day.  Not losing ourselves within it, or letting it define our lives…define us.

I hate to postpone the class I had scheduled for today, but mentally and physically I can’t give everything I should.  People deserve better use of their time, so I will reschedule when I can give it everything.

Reflecting on this, it reminds me of dance and choreography.  Pouring my emotions into my creativity.  It is true…I pour my heart, my passion, and yes…even my vulnerability into my dances.  Aren’t we all vulnerable at some point?  Feel uncertainty, doubt, confusion.  Sometimes the greatest works of art are when we channel our emotions into what we create – love, anger, hope, fear, strength…and yes, vulnerability.  Sometimes listening, creating, feeling is what we need to process what we are facing in the moment.  Sometimes this is what helps us bring back our balance.

Breathe life into everything you do.  Just breathe.

~ Eva

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