Puzzle Pieces and Perception

Yesterday I mentioned the puzzle pieces moving, forming a new picture.  In these moments, I feel it’s important to follow intuition and impulses, leading me back to a new Ted Video.  I pick whichever one I’m drawn to, from bamboo houses to performance art, to this:

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality ~ Anil Seth

The quote that hit me hardest is this, “The world we experience comes as much if not more from the inside out as the outside in.”  ~ Anil Seth

In some ways, our thoughts and feelings place a tint over our experiences – perhaps whitewashing them to dull grays, or shouting them in psychedelic colors.  I also believe we have the conscious ability to choose how we perceive the world, through letting outdated beliefs and feelings go, to being open to new things, to focusing on things that excite you.  Letting go of expectations, toxic thoughts, feelings, and relationships.  Shifting them into different boxes.  To being brave, knowing you are enough, and stepping outside the comfort zone and being satisfied in doing your best without comparing yourself to others.  To have fun in what you do, and relaxing into the flow of the moment.  Being true to yourself.

The mind is an extremely powerful organism.  I love the picture below.  One, because coffee is my biggest vice.  Two…do you experience it?  Can you smell the deep, rich aroma of the coffee?  Feel the warmth of the cup as you wrap it around your hand, the ceramic smooth to the touch and nestled against your palms.  Can you sense his feelings?  Hat lowered as he too grasps his cup, the aroma filling his senses as his bare feet rest against the wood floor.  Breathe deep, open your mind, and feel.  You create your world, you perceive it in your own way.

Now create, knowing the world is completely open to you.  The perceptions of others are their own.  What are yours, and what will you do with it today?

~ Eva

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