A little grumbling now and then…

I must say I’m a bit annoyed…I really wanted to add the blog plugins so I can have sticky pages for the categories, and so I can have some posts just in their category and not on the home page.  I’d have to upgrade to business level for that?!  Noo….so I shall do my best with what I can do.  I did do a little upgrade though – more storage space!  I detest limits. 🙂

You may have noticed I changed a couple of things on the blog, and added a My World category.  Sadly, I was going to save posts to just that category, but they’re going to show on the Home Page too…because I’m NOT paying $30 a month just to be able to add plug-ins.  bah!  Some of what I love about SL is the ability to explore, be silly, to write…and that is My World.  Another facet of me.  Dance is such a big part of SL, but it’s not the only part and I love the fun of taking pictures, video, and writing.   Remembering the experiences and feelings.

If you’re here for the dance information – please enjoy!  I love helping others and sharing what I know.  Feel free to chuckle at the “my world” stuff…or scroll on by. 🙂

Do you ever feel a shift coming?  Like the puzzle pieces are moving around and forming a new picture?  Some is from recent actions I’ve taken, a new method of working, some is the natural flow of things.  The important thing is not to hold on too tight and to be open to the changes – some being internal.  Wait – don’t worry though!  I will still teach, and blog, and create and dance of course!  In some things I’ve been a bit haphazard, kinda dipped my toes in.  Perhaps I’ll be jumping in the deep end, or digging out my flamingo pool float.  Lazy river or log flume?  hmmm….   Sometimes I need to remind myself it’s time to come out and play, to slip off my dance shoes, put down the hammer and nails and experience.  Balance.  Play is also an inspiration for creativity.

And this blog post title?  Inspired by this:

Willy Wonka: A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

wonka going

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