Thoughts for today…

“When you no longer need approval from others like the air you breathe, the possibilities in life are endless.
What an interesting little prison we build from the
invisible bricks of other people’s opinions.”
― Jacob Nordby

This quote struck a cord for me, so many years of my life spent trying to please others, make them happy.  What did I learn?  That it almost never works, and is fleeting.  That the happiness I gained from it soon drained away leaving me craving more praise, more affirmations, more recognition, and the need to feel needed…wanted.  I let the emotions of others control me, until I didn’t any longer.  I still have my moments, and I still get that warm fuzzy feeling when hearing “good job”…but the difference is, I don’t need it to feel good inside.  I feel good being me (most days, especially after the first cup of coffee).  I feel good when I create something that feels special, when I’ve shared something and can see the light bulb go off over someone’s head, when I dance within someone else’s imagination.  I feel good when I’m alone listening to the piano, or exploring, or creating, or spending time with others.  I feel good when I get out of my own head and let things flow.

Not everyone will understand me, or even appreciate me…and I’m ok with that.  I am who I am, with all my different and crazy pieces, still journeying towards the person I’m meant to be, carrying my bowl of sunshine along the way.  I see y’all out there too – with your different and crazy pieces.

Drink some sunshine!  Embrace your crazy pieces and dance!
~ Eva

Mr. Rogers really knows his stuff:

Yes…those ARE bacon pajamas!  The two little darlings Casper and Haddy totally rocking some Michael J.                ~ See the world through the eyes of childlike wonder ~

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