I will never be that good…

I will never be that good….words I hear too often, and sometimes even think to myself as I watch other dances or amazing pictures on Facebook.

As I come off my 1 month (almost complete) break from dance, it gave me time to rest, to re-think, to jump off the deadline treadmill for a little while.  It was also an odd time, still feeling part of the dance world, but outside it too, disengaged just a little bit.

Truth is, there will always be someone who is better at something, who creates an amazing and creative dance that I’d never thought of…and you know what?  That’s ok.  Sometimes that small feeling of “I wish I did that…could do that” rolls through me and lingers for a moment, but then I whisk it away like a warm summer breeze.  I am me, I create good stuff too, stuff that makes me happy, stuff that some people enjoy.

I’ve seen dancers of all levels create great stuff – drooling over their set, a creative element they added, a brilliant animation hit, epic costumes, and amazing music and theme choice.  (I’m running out of adjectives here btw…but you get the drift.)  That’s YOU I’m talking about, yes YOU.

One of my newest favorite things is finding and appreciating art in SL, in a way that’s difficult in RL.  It’s like jetting to some of the most amazing, most obscure galleries all over the word with the simple click of the button.  I surround myself with these art works as I decorate my SL home.  They make me think, they make me feel, they inspire me in so many different ways and they’re all very different.  I swap it out depending on my mood.  Dance is like that to me…you the artist.

I needed this break, to rebalance and refocus, to be inspired.  Now I begin the slow process of re-engaging, while incorporating what I’ve learned of myself, and also remembered what had been forgotten for a while.

There is a place in this world for all of us, our own unique style.  There are people who will accept us as we are, and will appreciate us being part of their lives.  There will be people who enter our lives, and leave – after a short while or longer.   Some where the connection will change, others who will leave it before we expected.

I watched an amazing TED video yesterday, Know Your Worth then Ask For It.  While it was quite a bit about the work you do, to me it’s also about how we feel inside.  Celebrate your talents, what you CAN do, what you HAVE accomplished that made YOU happy.  Know your own self worth and don’t minimize it.  Don’t accept less than you deserve out of fear, don’t give up on trying something new because you’re afraid it will fail or won’t be “good enough”.  Strive to grow and expand in whatever way you want to – even if others don’t understand or don’t agree.  Try.  This is your SL – an open world where you can be anything, do almost anything, and where there are those who will support you.

One other thing I realized during this “sabbatical” – sometimes your biggest supporters are in the background, there to pick you up when you need it…who watch from afar, supporting you in their own quiet way as you submerse yourself in creation.  I also rekindled friendships, and met new friends in unexpected places.  I am so grateful, and I’m reminded that a little kindness and acceptance go such a long way.

It’s time to re-engage now, put the pieces back together but in a way that it forms a new picture of all my favorite things, and also the experiences I’m yet to have on this journey called life.  In a way, I can attribute “As above, so below” to SL and RL.  While I have a new appreciation for truly “being in this world” when I’m in SL, the lessons I learn, the experiences I have affect my RL also.  Only you can choose what those will be – and bring those lessons, that positivity out here into the “real world”.

Sometimes it’s not easy, I’m a passionate person and I feel deeply – to the core of my soul sometimes, so many feelings.  I will share what I try to remember when I slip into dark thoughts and feelings:

  • when I feel envy, I turn it into appreciation
  • when I feel lonely, sometimes I reach out to others to say I’m thinking about them or a simple hello (I do this sometimes “just because” too 🙂  )
  • when I feel alone, I visit a beautiful sim, meditate, and open to gratitude and being part of this amazing world
  • when i feel self-doubt, I open to imagination and creativity
  • when I feel jealousy, I turn it to unconditional love and wish happiness

Know your worth, embrace your uniqueness, stomp fear into the dirt.  This world is yours to make of it what you will, and when you feel alone – reach out a hand.

Breathing deeply, sunshine in my soul
~ Eva


Confidence. Balance. Strength. Calm. Perseverance. Gratitude.


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