Bobbing along..bobbing the beautiful briny sea..

Ever have one of those weeks with so many ups and downs, sideways, and frontways, and backways and doorways?  This was my week in a nutshell, almost constantly feeling like I was forgetting something…but what was it?  I never did figure it out.  Perhaps I have…

Go with the flow

Perhaps this is what I was forgetting.  Do I agree with everyone, follow along…nope.  Most people who know me know I have *many* opinions and ideas.  To me, it means staying in the present moment, relaxing, feeling the natural energies of the universe, and not forcing myself to work on something or do something I don’t want to.  It means not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, but being right here, right now.

What that is, is different for everyone.  The things that make me happy, the things that bring me back to center.  It’s been a challenging year, and if any of you know the concept of the hero’s journey…change is never easy, but not changing can be even more intensely painful..and risk missing opportunities too.

I loved the Ted video today, and there was an amazing quote in it:  “You can’t change every little thing in your life, but we can change how we experience it.”  I like that…a lot.  How I approach a dance, trying new things, those moments between when you kinda don’t feel like doing anything.

I realized, sometimes stepping back is stepping forward.  Changing the angle, the approach, the view…so what did I do?  I went swimming in an amazing underworld, and remembered all the things I enjoy doing – chatting at the commune in the early mornings, listening to live readings, meditating, exploring art sims and adventures.  You know what?  This inspires me to plot out my dance, take things in pieces, work slowly without force.  How I feel comes across in my dance…so time to change it up!  This one has more of a dark feel – if you find me choreographing in a goth sim, you know why! ha.

I’m a list maker – it helps me put my thoughts in order, calms me by having an outline, and also becomes creative time for me too as I let thoughts naturally flow.  If something doesn’t feel right, come naturally – there’s usually a reason – fear, expectation, not the right task or the right project, or even the need to take a break.  I am realizing in a couple of ways I am letting fear hold me back in areas of my life, interesting, eh?

Life is not about what others think of you, but what you think and how you feel about yourself.  With that in mind, daily meditation will again become a habit and a focus, continuing the Morning Miracle book on my own, and in RL bringing home Mary Jane and putting feet to pavement.

Many dance things coming in May!  New alternative things which I’m really embracing, spring cleaning in full force – and coming soon, a new installment of Adventures.  A bit of silliness is completely in order.

Smile – and make people wonder what you’re up to…


A lovely swim at Shagwong Cove resort – going with the flow

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – wonder if I can make a dance to this? lol


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