The quieter you become, the more you can hear

My May calendar is nearly plotted, a renewed focus on rhythms and flow, mindfulness and peace.  On a balance between creativity, nurturing of self and support of others.  I realize more and more that this isn’t always easy, and there are sacrifices I make – just as we all do when we choose between option A and option B.

Anyone who has read my blog more than once probably knows I try to watch a TED talks video every day, whatever one catches my eye.  Today’s was “Why aren’t we more compassionate?”  There were a few things that spoke to me, and I write them here because it feels right, and these blogs are a canvas of expression for me, and just perhaps mean something to you in some way.  In this talk, the speaker shared that we are all hard-wired to help others, but that when we are focused on self, pre-occupied, engaged deeply in an activity, we tend to forget…or overlook others.  We “turn off” emotional empathy, that human moment of connecting to others.  Sometimes we have to, to an extent, when we’re running a practice, or teaching, or even taking much needed respite time for ourselves.  For me, I realize I shouldn’t shut it off completely, that sometimes my responses are a bit “sterile”…and that the other party has invested emotions in my answer or response.  For me, personally, this again speaks to balance.  There are times to be focused, to be open, to be nurturing, and to be firm.

As with others who participated, the Autism Awareness event was so much more than a venue for performances, or even the awareness of those challenged within the Autistic spectrum, but that almost everyone in this world is fighting a battle others may not know about, or if they do, cannot truly fathom the experience.  I have met so many amazing people in this world who desire, who strive to surmount these challenges, to experience, to create, to be within a world where they can feel free.  Where they are not judged, or pitied, or have to hide who they truly are inside.  Inside.

I am moved, and reminded.  I am an introvert, I have challenges, mine far less than many.  I am reminded of the importance of the human moment, and empathy, encouragement, and challenge.  I believe that we are all part of one universal energy, none better than any other.  I am so very touched, and thankful for all of the people in my life.  I believe that when people cross our path, that they do so for a reason.  May I live a life of compassion, and grace, of unconditional love, and true to my own path.  To embrace life, whatever it may bring, to live in gratitude, and know that there is no lack.  I have all I need at the moment, and know that the universe will provide.

Blessed be, all.   Please know, you matter.
~ Eva


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