The Dreaded “B” Word…..Burnout

Motorcycle burnouts…GOOD…Dance burnouts…BAD!  In the SL dance world, burnout is an extreme possibility.  For me, it can sometimes be like a kid in a candy store – there’s so much I want to create, and so many opportunities to share my creations.  I love the dancers I dance with – the enthusiasm, the camaraderie.  I love the venues I dance at – each with their own vibe and style, other choreographers, management.  It feels great to share with people who just “get it”…that passion, drive, and imagination.

Where is that limit?  Where are you starting to hit the edge when it starts to become a race from deadline to deadline…when you no longer have time to create great stuff that truly brings you satisfaction?  That doesn’t immediately get tossed on the re-work pile for “later”.  When do you no longer have time to help or talk to others?  Or even do something NOT [gasp] DANCE RELATED!   This leads to that other “B” word…balance.

I’m still finding my balance – sometimes my calendar runs away from me and I have to pull things back in.  Sometimes several rare opportunities pile on at the same time.  This is when I start to juggle, re-evaluate, scale back.  I’m especially notorious for tossing a lot into my dances – movers, scripts, spending an hour looking for a certain pose… ^^   So what do I remind myself of?  Simplify, streamline, focus on the important things – like choreo.  You can have a dance with good choreo and no effects…but you don’t have a dance with good effects and no choreo!

My motto – if it’s not fun anymore, why do it?  Learn your limits, try to work ahead…maybe even keep a “spare” dance or two finished and in the hopper “just in case”.  I do repeat dances – too much work and investment not to, but I’m trying to let them “rest” longer (i.e. – put them in the closet between performances) to keep my acts fresh.  If you haven’t figured it out…I’m giving myself a pep talk here!  Yep, my March calendar is INSANE – in part because of a RL emergency…but that’s life.  Sooo…if I don’t come up for air in the next few days, I’ll be hiding in my secret cave – dancing my heart out and reminding myself to have fun while I do it!  Dancing should be fun, something you look forward to doing.  If it’s become stress…time to take a pause and re-think.

Thank you all for the comments!  I really do appreciate them, and I hope that maybe people can get as much out of reading and commenting as I do writing this.

Whew…I feel better now!  Don’t you?  Of course, I have a dance I need to work on – an incredible one that I hope to bring to life like I feel it.  But first….

Balance!  Today was Tai Chi at Kita Gardens

20170319_TaiChi Kito Gardens

Kita Gardens – Very relaxing area to visit and spaces to wander.

But wait..there’s more!!

My First Adventure – finally posted:

Duck Racing!

Not just duck racing, duck racing at Quackerstone!  quack..quack!

What’s SL without a little fun – a very invigorating break from whatever you’re doing!

20170316 duck racing 3

20170316 duck racing 2

Have frying pan…will travel!

Ride the wind – dance in the rain – have amazing adventures – and hug a duck! ~ Eva

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