Animation Stores – Favorites

Stores I personally use are listed below.  Except for the rare couples dance animation, I only buy copy versions.  Unless a store sells copy animations, I won’t use them or recommend them.  Feel free to suggest others in comments!

4/13/2022 – Animation Store List Update in Progress!

Dance Animations (* = favorites):

Watch your movement – should be smooth, watch your joints – that they don’t look “cut”, unnatural, or overextended.

* AbranimationsLMYMay have to buy the full pack to get the mirrors
HumanoidLMNa mix of clubby & great dance animations
* MocapAnimationsLMY
Move!LMmost are clubby but there are hidden gems
* MyAnimationsLMN
* Paragon AnimationsLMY
* Sync’dLMY
TISLMborderline, newer dances seem smoother. Watch quality.

Not listed:

  • O’Licia – still debating, some of these animations seem too familiar (copybotted versions?), some are old MoM/old Sinewave/misc. Iffy.
  • any store from which I wouldn’t personally use their dance animations – too clubby, choppy, etc.
  • store sells copybotted animations, stealing from the original creator PLUS SL may inactivate copybotted animations at any time
  • store sells old Ministry of Motion animations. MoM sold their animations full perm before they went out of business, but animations are very old and most not very good.

Dance creators pay for motion capture – equipment, editors, dancers, etc. If the price seems too good, there’s probably a catch. Most animations from legitimate creators cost 249L – 349L each for single animations unless they’re having a sale.

First stores I recommend for new choreographers:

Dances – Abranimations
Smooth transitions into and out of, can be used to link animations, low cost compared to other dance animation stores, most packs include mirror dance animations, expressive, great variety and overall quality, all animations are copy.

Animations – Kuso
Excellent variety of animations from standard to unique, make sure to check out all 4 animations rooms – especially the RP room.  Low cost – 10L for non-bento, 20L for bento.  All animations are copy.  Watch buying packs – they may include some duplicates to others, such as the swim animation.

Poses – Nantra
Excellent variety, frequent sales, store credit is given for each purchase, mirror animations available for almost every single animation – purchased separately or included in the animation pack

Don’t forget!  You can easily copy animations from furniture and other objects if you have copy rights!  Cars, couches, props, ballet barres, etc – copy the animations to your inventory and use them in your dances.

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3 Responses to Animation Stores – Favorites

  1. 3FX is now MP only, as far as I know. Glad to see you’ve included Kuso, Voir, and also happy to see a few new-to-me names. 🙂


  2. evaharley says:

    Thanks Kat! I’m rather addicted to collecting expressive poses – they can add such an impact to a dance. I’ve added Black Tulip now too – I’ve found some good ones there.


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