Animation Stores – Favorites

Work in progress, will come back and add LM’s – feel free to make suggestions in comments!


  • A&M
  • Abranimations
  • Henmations
  • Akeyo – newer ones are pretty good!
  • Humanoid
  • MyAnimation
  • Sync’d Motion – have added a lot, some great ones, gifts, & dance “clips”
  • Semotion
  • Sinewave
  • Studio4D
  • 3FX – Marketplace only

Others, use some:

  • Move – kind of “clubby” for my taste
  • TIS
  • Sinse
  • Extreme
  • Glamour
  • Vista



  • Abranimations
  • Kuso
  • Body Language (SLC)
  • Dyer Maker
  • Sylva’s
  • Tuty’s
  • Vista
  • Voir
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3 Responses to Animation Stores – Favorites

  1. 3FX is now MP only, as far as I know. Glad to see you’ve included Kuso, Voir, and also happy to see a few new-to-me names. 🙂


  2. evaharley says:

    Thanks Kat! I’m rather addicted to collecting expressive poses – they can add such an impact to a dance. I’ve added Black Tulip now too – I’ve found some good ones there.


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