Deep Thoughts and Technicolors

I’ve missed rambling here, one of the reasons I created this blog. Have you ever had so much packed into your brain that you spun in circles not knowing wear to begin? Yep, that.

For me, SL is an extension of me. No matter how hard we try I’m not sure we can truly separate RL from SL. I am who I am, my thoughts and feelings still me in both worlds. What I share and with whom are very different however – the goofy fun DJ side I can let loose in SL…not so much RL. (They’d up my medication) Dance and creating in SL is an extension of my personal art. Dancing in the kitchen is about as close as I get with that in RL.

My point is…the motivations, drive, unconscious fears that sometimes stop me in my tracks are the same in both worlds. Whether it’s learning new skills for work or creating in SL, both are testing my boundaries. I procrastinate in both (imagine that…ha).

I’ve been reading/listening to a book on “Deep Work” (which isn’t just for work). It’s recognizing that space where you are intensely focused and find your most creative and thinking self. It’s about how we as a society have begun to lose this ability.

To reach in and find that technicolor place where imagination and deep thinking roam free generally takes a recommended 90 minute block of time without the “quick satisfaction” distractions such as checking facebook/emails/etc. that draw our attention away.

I find that I procrastinate relaxing into creativity more often than not…looking at my list of to do’s which is 80% easy things that make me happy when I cross them off the list. I can say “see what I did today?” and point to all those items. Some are pretty necessary – wash dishes, pay bills, grab that Abranimations advent calendar gift, but others could wait.

The other thing I sometimes do? Schedule so many commitments that time isn’t left to really focus and create something new that makes me really happy. Some of my favorite dance performances have come together pretty easily, others have been evolution over weeks and months. The key to those? For each I sank into that deep space where creativity took over and I stopped overthinking or rushing.

So today, I let my mind drift and consider my motivations. What makes me happy when I create? What feeds me? What inspires me? This applies to dance, work, and even home. Finding these helps me find the key to unlocking the door and stepping into that creative space – instead of distracting myself browsing the news websites.

May your imagination fly free and creativity abound.

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