My new favorite thing… Animation Name List Generator

I’m always on the hunt for tools and tricks to make things easier or better, and this is one thing that’s been on my list for a looong time. So what is it?

Animation Name Printer

It’s an inexpensive script that you add to your animation HUD. Click on your HUD and it will list all the animations in local chat, then the script self-deletes.

But didn’t Spot On add this to the Smooth Dancer HUD, you ask? Well they did, but each animation name is in a different chat message, so you get all that date/time/hud name junk before the name of the animation.

This hud lists 30 animations in each chat message until it’s listed all animations. No junk stuff to erase/ignore/trim off! Just animation names!

Why would I use this? When I’m creating sequences, I load up a HUD with animations that I think will work then create the choreography as I listen to the music. As I create my sequence notecard, now I have a nice clean list of animation names to copy and paste from.

Easy peasy.

<pictures here>

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