New! Mini workshops being added!

New mini workshops are being added to the line-up!  Bite-sized instruction, the first on tools I find invaluable for the dance world.  Have the gadget but not sure how to use it?  Want to learn if it would be a good fit for you?  Come down for this short 30 minute session!

Saturday, Sep 29th – 9 am slt

Camera View/Save Setup HUD – 0L

cam view save hud

Stores up to 8 camera positions on the sim with just a click of the button.  To change your camera view, simply touch one of the red numbers.  Makes it extremely easy to cam on your dance pad, the stage, behind the curtain while you cache your sets, the cute guy in the third row…

Best of all – it’s free, easy to use, and copy, save one for every dance venue!  No more trying to manually cam around.  Did I mention it’s only ONE script?

To purchase:

Saturday, Oct 6th – 9 am slt

+[BN]+ Group Change HUD – 125L

group changer HUD

Always forgetting to change your dance tag?  Love to hit up the sales and forget to activate the group?  With this Group Changer HUD – set it up and forget about it!

What’s different?

  • No notecards, everything is done from the menu.
  • You set what group to activate when you teleport to a parcel OR sim!  Part of the special VIP group?  Set that tag to automatically activate.
  • No more wearing the wrong dancer tag at a venue!  It automatically changes when you arrive!
  • Dance at two different venues on the same sim?  If they each have their own parcel, you can set which dancer tag to wear when you arrive at each.
  • You can also designate what you’re default group is!

Set it up and forget about it!  You can even lock it on your screen so it never comes off unless you want it to.  Best of all?  It’s only ONE script!

To purchase:

Attend the mini workshops if you’d like a little hands on instructions, or explore these two useful tools on your own.  May they help make SL just a bit easier and more fun for you!

Note:  I am not a representative, creator, seller, etc for these tools.  I receive no compensation.  Opinions are my own based on my use of them.

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