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I’ve kind of given up on my inventory.  It desperately needs sorting, but my compulsive ways are refocused a bit – for now.  Sure, it may take me 30 minutes to dress in SL,  but I’m sure I’ll get back to wondering why I own 834 dresses…

I tend to do a lot of introspection, kind of odd when I keep reminding myself to get “outta my head”.  What can I say?  I’m an introvert – that’s my happy place sometimes, where I can dream, imagine, and line up everything in nice even rows.  I’m finding that I need a sense of structure and order to stave off the inner chaos – to keep moving along and feel at peace.  Of course, this week has been anything but structured but I feel a slow evolution taking place – and it feels ‘right’.

I wish there was more time, but I guess with a limited amount of time you always have to put value on what is most important to you.  Even after doing that, it’s a constant re-evaluation.  Every moment of every day we are in a different place in our lives – what is going on around us, our emotional state, events that are happening.  That is actually one of the reasons I’m here in this world.  In an odd way, SL (for me) provides a sense of stability.  There are other reasons, but those I reserve for another time.

lyrical plantsI learn a lot about myself in this world.  I’ve done things I never thought I could do.  I’ve built on skills that can apply to both worlds.  At times I’ve looked at myself in a mirror and at times that’s not always an easy thing to do.  “Growth opportunities.”  Makes me feel like a plant!

Wow – I just love this idea!  I’m going to start doing this for all my new plant purchases.  Let the insanity ensue!

So, speaking of growth.  Ever hear of the 100 word challenge?  I’m giving it a go, and will be posting it here too.  Now that I know I will never be an American Idol winner (have you heard me sing???), I’ll try an awesome bit of bite size creativity.

Putting in a bit of structure and organization, and working hard to prepare for the two workshops tomorrow.  Hmmm….this picture gives me a smile, and gives me more ideas.  Perhaps in need an insanometer on this blog, kind of like a tomatometer for movies.

Makes me wonder, does creativity seek a balance of structure at times?  A rebuilding period?

All I know, is if I don’t do laundry soon I’ll be naked….

~ Eva 😀

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