Necessity is the mother of invention…and backstage movers

The unusual week continues, but yesterday a “failure” provided insight to improvement, reminding me that sometimes that’s how lessons are learned.

During the backstage mover workshop I had technical issues with the rings.  I don’t believe it was the rings, I believe it may have been SL.  It was tested on multiple sims by different people – same thing.  We all know that occasionally SL is that way.  The issue?  The ring with one waypoint wasn’t giving the offset consistently.  Didn’t matter new designer ring or old.  One time it would, one time it wouldn’t.  The fix?  Adding another waypoint then deleting it.  With everything going on in SL, things happen.  Not my reason for writing though.

I will never admit to being perfect and I always work on enhancing and improving, striving to do the best I can.  I realized that part of my challenges with that workshop is that I was adapting what should be taught on a “big” stage to small build pads for each individual.  Different stage locations, stage representations, etc.

A light bulb came on, or a hammer over my head…some workshops NEED to be taught on an actual stage.  Once this came to me, the activity preparation, supplies, activities for people who listen or participate just popped into my head as clear as crystal.

It can sometimes be a challenge to break down workshops so they can be easily to follow, give enough information so that people can take what was covered back and try it themselves, hopefully inspire, and make it a bit of fun.  I enjoy when it comes together.  It’s difficult when it doesn’t and I apologized probably too many times…but then I stepped back, looked at it, and realized what the weak areas/pain points were and thought about ways to make it easier and better – aha:  we need a stage area for workshops too.

I often say “Necessity is the mother of invention”, it is how I’ve learned so many things.  Because I wanted to accomplish something, so I researched, and tried, and learned where I could – until I did what I wanted to do.

When things go wrong, it totally sucks.  When you let someone else down, it totally sucks.  Sometimes it may be beyond control (SL having issues), or sometimes it can be the preparation and planning.  I am thankful for the people who were there and patient, I am thankful for the people who don’t give up on me, and I’m thankful for those who inspire me to keep growing and others that (hopefully) I inspire.

types of mistakes

I like this graphic, a lot.  I’ve definitely experienced all four at different times. 🙂

Today?  I’m breathing deep, doing my best, and open to whatever lessons and experiences may come.  Oh…and brainstorming a stage for teaching on my sim. 😀

Dance on!
~ Eva

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