Plot Twists and Trusting the Universe

Plot Twists and Trusting the Universe

This has been a bit of an odd week and if I let it, it could really drag me down into the pit plot twistof doubt and darkness, wondering why and walking away for a bit.  Were the things that happened intentional?  accidental?  or the universe realigning things so that I could see what I needed to, focus where I needed to?  It’s not one thing, but several things in both worlds.

I remind myself that I choose how I react, respond to a situation.  I do know that at times when my ego and feelings of self-importance get out of hand there is always a reminder of humility coming my way.  I can stay mired in attachment to the things that I thought would happen or be, or I can embrace this as a transition, something positive.  A word for the day – ruminating.

Definition of ruminate


transitive verb
1to go over in the mind repeatedly and often casually or slowly
2to chew repeatedly for an extended period


At this moment I’m still in the process of ruminating, and have a habit of staying attached to people, situations that are part of my past and not my future.  Dwelling over what I thought could’ve been or what was.  Truth is, I could take some of the things this week as a personal slight or feel inadequate, or I can embrace what is and make the most of it.

what was I learningIt is a beautiful day today.  I have time to work on the two dances I’m creating, will be streaming for Winds practice which I love, and dancing with a friend in one of my favorite dances of hers.  I’m always so honored when I’m asked to dance with someone, always feel like they are sharing their creation with me and honored that I get to be part of it, within their art.  I can take a deep breathe, trust in the universe and embrace what could be an amazing day if I’m open to it.  What will be, will be.

Everything flows, just as it should.

Blessed be,
~ Eva

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