Workshop Ideas? What would you like to learn?

insanity in danceWhat would you be interested in learning?

I like insanity, I love teaching, I adore dance – and what better way to put them all together than by having workshops?  I’ve been tossing around ideas for adding a new topic here and there – expanding horizons, going where no man has gone before!  (Well, not really but it sounded dramatic.)

I’d love to know what people are interested in coming together and learning.  For me, it’s refreshing something I know, digging into the nooks and crannies as I prepare, sharing this with others and learning from them in turn.  The incredible moments when hesitation becomes inspiration and the first steps to excitement, those are the ultimate reward.  It is also seeing my own skills and abilities grow as I teach and share with others.  For those who have come to my workshops, do you get that feeling?  Anything I can do better?  I often make adjustments based on feedback or the response I sense during the workshop, working on balancing fun with structure and ways to present that engage others.

wonka goingFeel free to comment here or facebook, send me a notecard, or I’m adding suggestion boxes in each workshop area at Harleyquin.  I really do want to know. 🙂

Happy dancing!

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