The Act of the Creation – Blind & Frozen, #2


Here we go – now’s the time for me to plan out a timeline.  I’m going to think of them like video game save points, check points to make sure I’m moving along and see where I get stuck.  Tough part?  I tend to underestimate how long something will take.  I think the more I do this though, the more accurate my timing will be.  Hmm…this reminds me of a book I read – but I can’t remember the title.  I’ll have to look on my Kindle…later!  (remember, the queen of procrastination?  lol)

I’ll be keeping this on the bottom of every post.  I know, I know!  It seems kind of technical/work like….and I’m always mentioning the creative flow!  Do you need to create a timeline like this?  Definitely not!  Is it good to have a plan?  Definitely – but use whatever methods work for you!  I can be easily distracted, tend to procrastinate, so this timeline is a tool for me to keep me on track.  Never ever let tools overcome your creative passion or suck up the time when you could be creating.  If something feels awkward, ask yourself this:  is it awkward because it’s new and you haven’t grown comfortable yet?  or is it awkward because it just doesn’t work for you, the way you think, the way you work?  Always remember, we all think differently, create differently.  What works for others may not work for you.  Your creative process is your own – always.

Here we go!
~ Eva

Blind & Frozen Timeline
Start date – 6/2
Performance date – 7/13


Finish Day Date Done
1 6/2 Choose the music
1 6/2 Buy or download the music
2 6/3 Write up an outline for the dance, background, the story, ideas, feelings, how many dancers, etc.
4 6/5 Edit the music (if needed)
4 6/5 Pick a costume, or something similar to what will be my costume
5 6/6 Listen to music for dance and change ideas
8 6/9 Choose animations
14 6/15 Work on choreography and record
20 6/21 Build set
22 6/23 Finalize costumes
22 6/23 Create style cards for dancers
25 6/26 Plan out movers and create routes
27 6/28 Test and adjust movers and choreography
29 6/30 Add effects
30 7/1 Test and adjust
31 7/2 Pack up set
32 7/3 Test again
33 7/4 Make any final adjustments
33 7/4 Take a copy of set and movers into inventory
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