Working through setbacks, procrastination, and a challenge

It’s hell sometimes, being an emotional creature – but then again aren’t we all in our own way?  I think the key is how we handle it, how we work through it.  I’ve read that men work differently than women.  The article said that men do what they need to do, women do what what they feel needs doing at that moment.  That seems like an overly simplistic generalization to me, but ha…in my case it’s sometimes (ok, often) true.  Sometimes it’s out of necessity.  I believe we are all in this world for a reason.  Some days, just functioning is a challenge, some days it’s to feel a sense of normalcy in a chaotic world.  Most days it’s because I can create in ways I never could in RL and meet people whose paths I would never cross other than here.  The opportunity to meet others, to connect at a level almost impossible in RL, who you can relate with – those innermost thoughts and ideas, feelings, beliefs, and dreams.  There is a danger in this however, for I find that in this world connections come faster and more intense because the physical boundaries are stripped away.  Everything is truly mental here isn’t it?  My words often spill straight from my mind to my fingertips without conscious thought.  Shields often lowered or sometimes even non-existent.  This makes it too easy at times to open, and to trust.

In RL, I must hide that I am pagan.  Where I live, where I work, even in this day and age would cause me to be shunned.  Like many of us, I’m so often misunderstood, wonder if anyone truly knows or understands me.  In this world, I can be who I am…though even sometimes still I surround myself in a protective shell.  I respect and honor everyone’s beliefs as long as they don’t harm others without consent.  This verse threads through my mind today:

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

Ahh…now I wonder, we’ve all been burned at one time or another.  Where is the balance?  When do you know who to let close, and when should you keep your protective distance?  When does it become something all consuming that diverts you from your true goals, or a frame of support that helps you fly?  What if you can’t tell the difference?  I wish I knew.

Emotional balance and focus are sometimes very real challenges for me, and when my sense of ‘normalcy’ or order is thrown out of whack, it takes me a while to re-stabilize mentally.  This brings me to my original thoughts on this post.

How do you work through setbacks?  I looked on the web for a little insight.  Everything printed on the internet is always true, right? ha 🙂

It was enlightening to read about different types of obstacles we may face, kind of categorizing them.

There are setbacks – defined as hiccups or speed bumps.  Make things harder, but don’t really stop you.

Then there are roadblocks – like tar paper…or like those sticky fly strips that threaten to get you stuck.  Stop you moving forward, may prevent you from accomplishing something.

Then there are defeats – the life changers, the things that totally blindside you, knock you out, and make you doubt if you want to get back up again.

The article gave five things to do that can help keep moving forward.

  1. give yourself time
  2. don’t panic
  3. make peace with your “failures”
  4. cut yourself some slack (but don’t let go of the rope)
  5. regain your control

I realize I write about procrastination fairly often, because it’s one of my defense mechanisms, and also a weakness, the desire for immediate gratification.  I can prepare for what I need to prepare for, or I can play with this shiny new thing over there….  That immediate gratification makes me feel good.  Sometimes doing what I need to be doing is scary and overwhelming if I let it be, so I’m drawn to the shiny things.

I know I don’t always understand myself….or have I ever?  Are we meant to, or is that part of our journey through this life?  To keep learning.

My challenge for myself:

To help keep me moving forward, working past challenges and to discourage me from hiding in my protective shell, I will capture a special moment each day…something different, something not for a good photo’s sake, but something that is part of my goals and creativity.

There’s room for the shiny things too, but I’ve also known for a long time that I get in my own way of succeeding.

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

~ Eva

20180529_tai chi


Article that I referred to above:


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