I may be in love!

Noooooo!  Not that kind of love!

I love gadgets and efficiency, and if this script does what it says it does, I may have to marry it!!

  • So…you put your animations in an object.
  • You add this script to it and when you click on the object you get a menu.
  • It will play all the animations in the prim one by one.
  • If you like the animation you click the disk button.
  • When you’ve picked from the animations in the object, it gives you a folder of all the animations you selected….

I love my Boom station animation organizer…but I do have to click the arrows to change animations and receive the animations one by one.  I wonder if this will save me time?  Maybe it would work better on things like flips, runs, and poses?

If it can go into a prim, does that mean I can put it in my individual boom station prims (numbered blocks) where I have my animations – dance and others – sorted?  Or even a Smooth Dancer HUD maybe?  I wonder how long it plays the animation?  It’s a copy script, so I can always delete it when done.

Hmm….will keep y’all posted!



If you’re curious, link is below, but I have no experience with it…yet!  Will be giving it a try out with my Riddler walks and kicks.


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