See Me, Feel Me: Off the Chain! Choreo, Attitude, and Formations

See Me, Feel Me.  A dance performance, generally RL, that touched me in some way, but I won’t go into detail how.  That’s for you to feel, to see, to listen for yourself.  I watch dance performances in SL, and in RL through videos.  I sink deep into them, how do I feel, how do I react to it, can I feel the movement, does it inspire me, or do I dislike it.  In turn, I believe it expands my own mind and creativity.

So many things I love in this dance.  Would have to scale it back – that’s a lot of dancers, but watch the use of formations, the contrast in movements, expressiveness, attitude, and love the change of dancing groups as the ones in back come forward.  Amazing choreography.  Very powerful!  Lots of concepts you can apply to any style of dance!

PS – did you see the lady gaga animation?  yep, we’ve got that!

What do you see?

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