Harleyquin Workshops – May 1st through May 6th!

There will be several Harleyquin workshops this week – all are welcome, and no registration is required!  Whether brand new to dance, dipping in your toes, or pushing the limits of your dance tools – there is a workshop for you!  If you have any questions, please contact EvaHarley Resident in-world.  Hope to see you there!

Please arrive early!  To make the most of our time I will be closing the sim *five* minutes after the scheduled workshop start time.

Tues May 1st – 5 pm slt
The Smooth Dancer HUD – Focus on Foundation & Putting it to Work
Smooth Dancer is an amazing animation tool for creating choreography, freestyling, and even performing!  First in the series, in this workshop we focus on preparing your HUD, loading animations, and becoming comfortable with it!  Be ready to invite others, and what to do when they aren’t moving!  A hands on workshop, make sure to wear your dancing shoes!
** Requires the Smooth Dancer HUD, no experience necessary.

Wed May 2nd – 4 pm slt
An Introduction to Dance & Choreography in SL
Have the passion and desire to create your own dance, want to unveil the magic of how a choreographer creates, but not sure where to begin?  Together we cover those first steps, considerations, and building a strong foundation.

Sat May 5th – 12 pm slt
Spot On Synchronization – Using the Tools for Multiple Routines & Starting Your Dancers Backstage
** Requires the Spot on Performance Director, Stage Manager, Choreo Designer and experience in creating a full PD routine.

Sun May 6th – 12 pm slt
Performance Director – Buttons, Emotes, and Triggers
We’re all ears as we explore how the Performance Director can activate other objects for your performance!  Particles, sets, curtains, costume changes, scripts and more! We’ll explore shout, region say, emotes, private messages, and the hot key button features in depth during this workshop.  New ways you can use them to enhance and streamline your performance!
** Requires basic experience using the Performance Director

Landmark:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Whistlyn/65/16/2601

Harleyquin Workshops

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