See Me, Feel Me – New Rules: Faster Choreography example

Yes, choreography is much harder in SL because we are pretty limited in the animations we can use.  The key I remind myself of, is notice the elements, the contrast, and let these ideas inspire me.  I look for inspiration, not to emulate.

Watching the video, I see many things I personally like about this choreography.

  • Notice the strong bold moments, then notice these are contrasted with smaller movements and pauses that mesh with the music
  • Poses and slow movements are really directed to the audience, feel the emotion
  • See the hits with the lyrics
  • The dancer paints the floor as she dances to the music, I found this very effective in this performance.
  • When using fast paced animations, look for crisp animations that really hit the points, hit with the music.  Many of the new dance animations made are using a higher quality recording process to really capture this effect.  If fast paced animations aren’t crisp, they may look sloppy and not seem to mesh with the music.
  • I love the variation in the tempo of the music and the dance, the change in focus on the dancers.
  • I also found it very interesting to see the same music choreographed for different groupings, 1, 2, 3, etc.

What was your reaction? did you find any inspiration?

Me?  It makes me think I’ve been playing it safe when it comes to choreography, which is my favorite focus in a dance.  Larger, more bold, crisper, faster moves incorporated within my dances.  To add more emotion in faster dances, to DO faster dances…

I’m in no way a professional dancer, but I love to study dance as a casual hobby.  My opinions are my own. 🙂

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