A sky full of stars and a little nonsense

My laugh of the day:

Do you ever read your horoscope?  I do…sometimes.  Sometimes I prefer to see how it rolls out without any preconceived ideas.  Today is one of those days I’m in a bit of a funk, my brain is full, and my to do list is super long.

SL is my primary source of creativity in this crazy universe of worlds.  For the most part, my worlds don’t mix, but feelings are feelings, people are people.  I am who I am.  I teach in both worlds, different things and ways.  What I enjoy in one, I enjoy in different ways in the other.  SL is a medium in which I create and explore.  Where I can have a bazillion things in my closet and it doesn’t fall out when I open the door.  Both worlds are part of me, so my horoscope reflects the same, aspects of both.

For today:

“There’s now a need to look inward for answers rather than simply react automatically to changes. You’re seeking out more authenticity in your work and for more creativity or suitability in your schedules and daily routines, and now it’s time to learn more about yourself and try to align your behavior so that it more accurately reflects your true nature, particularly in the work you do or in the services you provide.”

It’s true, I like it.  It takes courage to move forward, invite change into your life.  I’m still working on some of that.  Some unfolds natural, in some, new opportunities arise, and in others it is believing in yourself and taking initiative to follow a new path.  Being open to new things, unattached – able to let go of things that have come to the end of their time.  Aligning the behaviour – I think laughter is a big part of this.  Finding new ways to accomplish things and have fun doing it.

So…my horoscope made me think of stars…so I thought of this video:

and then because I love the silliness, it made me think of THIS video.  I just love how the guys let loose on the school instruments, no ego, playing music and having a blast!  Watch – and if you’re not grooving in your chair we need to have a talk!   Kinda reminds me not to take things so seriously all the time!  Yay!

This may be the pinnacle and having fun and not taking things too seriously.  Kinda makes me want to create something that evokes this same feeling!  Well, I kinda do sometimes with my crowd dances 😀

Hop to 1:55 below for the really good stuff!


I feel really good.  Amazing how a little laughter and a few deep breaths can change your perspective!  Many great things are coming!

Hold onto your hats…I’m in a writing mood today.

Don’t forget to laugh!

~ Eva

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