New Dance Workshop Opportunity!

New Dance Workshop Opportunity!
“The Secret Scrolls of Great Choreography”

Tools are only part of the educational journey in Second Life Dance performance.  It is the choreography that truly brings the art and emotion to dance.  Klark Harvy, a very talented performer, creator, director, and artist will be offering additional opportunities for learning and growth!

Klark Harvy will be presenting a hands-on workshop focused on building and enhancing choreography skills.  This is an amazing opportunity as he demonstrates what to look for in animations, linking animations for smooth transitions, and making your dance memorable!  Not only will he be providing instruction, you will also be participating during this workshop!

Two workshops are being offered, class space is limited.  Please contact Eva Harley (evaharley) in world to register.

Session 1:   Sunday, August 20th, 12 – 2 PM SLT

Session 2:   Sunday, August 27th,  12 – 2 PM SLT


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