Some days…there are just no words

Today is a very difficult day for me.

One where I will go through the motions, and quietly lose myself within.
the world of dance.
and of music.

I am an introvert.
and sometimes alone
is where I find peace
and safety
and comfort
and myself again.

All is just as it should be, the universe continues to evolve.  The only thing that truly exists is this moment, right now.  Night turns to day and the world begins anew.

On this day, you may find my words relatively silent as I pour myself into my creations, my emotions spilling into them as if an overflowing cup.  To me this is the essence of art, creating from within, from who you are…from that deep well of emotion, feeling, and thought.

I am me.  Always.  No games.  Simple.  Through my dance I share with you…me.

A blessed day to all.  I leave you with a short yet inspiring video.

Yours from under the creative moon,
~ Eva


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