Scrambled Eggs, Anyone?

“Draws in a soft breath as I catch the sight of you across the smoky room.   In an interminable moment everything fades from view, everything, all but the glowing form of you…mesmerizing…calling. Time slows..then stops, my breath catching in my throat.  Only the sound of my fast beating heart reaches my ears as a slow grin slides across my lips.  I take one step, then the next…then wiggle my egg shaped rear and bust out a move…”I’m Blue daba de daba di”

Someone reminded me that dance can be taken too seriously at times.  I love creating, enjoy what I do, but it is incredible to jump outside of my “human dancer” box and play with something new.  Working on choreography in this egg costume nearly has me in giggles.  Ever notice how animations appear differently depending on your costume?  Yeah, try booty shaking in an egg costume and see if YOU can keep from laughing!   I am challenging myself, and I really am choreographing this dance to the music…even if this costume would let me get away with nothing but flips, head spins, and butt shaking.

Have an amazing day, be creative, and have fun!

~ Eva

im blue egg 1

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