A little madness now and then…is relished by the wisest men

What wasn’t to love about this absolutely incredible weekend?  I am still buzzing with all the creativity, positive energy, and just feel so amazingly thankful for…everything and everyone who is part of my life!

Down here in Southeastern US, spring has arrived!  Blue skies and robins abound, and sun!  I’ve been getting lots of sun thanks to my new RL miniature min-pin puppy.  At 8 weeks she weighs .39 pounds but has the attitude of a tiger and ringmaster all in one!  Reminds me it’s good to be feisty once in a while! When spring finally bounds in and brings the beautiful scents, sounds, and feel with it, I can’t help but be reminded of this little bit:

It truly was a mad weekend!  Milky Way show on Saturday, where my performance “Electric Dreams” went off with barely a glitch!  After I finally opened the curtain…
Note to self:  Always triple check *my own* group tag!  Electric Dreams comes from one of my all time favorite movies – Electric Dreams:  (and I’m totally blissing out on my geekdom right now)

There was fire, there was water, Darth Vader & crew getting their groove thang on, and amazing fun and twisted twerking to Miley Cyrus!  I love the creativity, opportunity for expression, and the ability to explore all different avenues of creation – choreography, animations, building, effects, scripting, music editing, costuming, Blender, Gimp, Photoshop, Audacity, photography, video making…

But wait!  There’s more!

That was Saturday

Sunday was Moonstone, and an amazing performance celebrating Spring and Easter.  I had the pleasure of working with so many choreographers I hadn’t before in such an incredibly moving experience.  Those who saw the show may not have known that my music piece was not the first I’d chosen…only finally finding what inspired me shortly before the first show practice!  Echoes in Rain was my creation which took on a life of its own as I formed and shaped it.   Loosely quoted, when sculptors create they say they are merely revealing the art that already lies within the block of clay.  Their focus is to let it take shape and reveal it to the world.  For me, and for this dance, that is very apt.  Every performance I create is different in some way and varies all over the board, but sometimes..just sometimes…they seem to come to life on their own.  I am the hands that reveal the shape with the tools I wield.  That is the beauty in creation, in art, and in dance in SL.  To have this medium to work with and everyone who supports it in any way.

An amazing thank you to Michael Sweet for creating a video of this show!  It is so magical when a dance I love is captured for me to revisit again and feel those emotions once more.  I streamed {counts on fingers}…six practices for this show?  But performing it on Sunday, experiencing the entire performance and the dancing together after, was surreal.

[Video will go here once I find the link again!]

But wait!  That was Saturday morning

Performing at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret closed out my weekend with tears in my eyes and amazement.  No matter what I create, what I may do, I will always be humbled by the creativity and emotion conveyed by others in the dance world.  To me, this is art, and we the artists of our creations, our experiences, our life, and our world.

Paint your world in brilliant colors –

~ Eva

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