Movies, Mayhem, and Musings absolute plethora of shows this weekend – and I’m leading dances in four of them!  (Yes, four – told ya my insanity has reached epic levels…)  Four different dances – costumes flying this way and that!  Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Actually, there will be a sacrifice but not in my dance…ha!  ~counts on fingers~ 1. Elysium matinee, 2. Phoenix guest, 3. Paramount Night Players show, 4. Milky Way Cabaret on Sunday.  Fun dances, great venues with their own uniqueness, wonderful people – great weekend to be had!  I couldn’t ask for better people to dance with – they deserve a medal, or a holiday or at least a cuddle from somebody!

That’s TWO movie quotes so far if you happened to notice..because..YES!  It’s movie night!  It’s my turn to pick a movie, grab movie snacks, and have fun. is my go to place when it’s my turn to pick – and they have the tomatometer!  How cool is that…and it’s fun to say too!  If you asked, I’d have to say my favorite movie changes over time.  Right now, I’m totally stuck on Crimson Peak.  Dark, Victorian, ghosts, amazing costuming and sets…delicious!  I am a Scorpio – I do love the dark mysterious stuff.  Ghosts, old houses and buildings, cemeteries, secret passageways…skeletons in the closet.  Bring ’em on!  The Woman in Black is a favored movie too…yet to see the sequels.

Needed some play time, so still in this train of thought, I skipped on down to the Victorian LEA 10 sim to take another wander and absorb some inspiration.  I’m honored to have been asked to create an act for this sim – in it all the things I love!  When I’m inspired, the dancers appear in my head – I can envision the sets, the movements, costumes.  Sometimes they even become quite demanding.. just dancing around when I’m trying to do other things!  Still a bit foggy up there with this one but I slowly see it forming.  Doesn’t hurt I have an entire closet full of Victorian clothing from my role playing days on a now closed dark Victorian sim.  Sometimes if I close my eyes, it seems as if the whole village is still there, the characters, the stories.  Alas, the sim is nothing but dust now and the people scattered to the winds.  A few videos were made by a most wonderful woman and good friend, freezing those moments in time.  It’s nice to visit the past once in while, to see it for what it was, then return to the present moment and what exists now – in THIS moment.  I will never recapture the past, never recapture the feelings or what had been as nothing is ever the same again, but will always feel the echoes of memory and smile.

I loved role playing, especially here in SL, where we can not only write a story through role play but actually live in it.  Different threads woven together as we write with others through role play, they adding their own actions and reactions.  The best role play was when it began to take on a life of its own ~ without thought the story would begin to develop and take turns I didn’t intentionally plan.  Pure imagination.

I don’t role play anymore because of the time demands, though I will always appreciate knowing how to treat flayed skin, remove an arrow, and serve a tavern of customers ~ keeping an eye on the vampires in the corner!

If you think about it, to me the best dances tell a story or express an emotion.  You can feel it, nearly see the dancers breathing.  Those 4 minutes just slide by so quickly as you’re caught up in the movement, the music, the experience.   That is the ultimate in creativity – whether it’s dance, or art, or music, or role play, or a good book.   Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, or think, or feel…but you feel…something.  Do I have dances that do this?  I think so.  Do I have dances that don’t?  Yep.  I’m not afraid to try.  I’m not afraid to fail when I create.  If I was afraid, it would hold me back from delving into new things, new ideas, new methods.

It is our experiences, our willingness to try that help shape our creations – no matter what our instrument of creation is.  Welcome to my thoughts, and the meandering path they can take.  If I let them flow freely, they often arrive at where they were meant to go.  The Victorian act I’m creating is a very new concept for me, a blend of dance and role play.  I realize I should trust in the act of creation and enjoy the expression, it will form and I will finesse it.  In conversing with someone long ago, I said that the best dances are like a love affair between the creation and the creator.  Energy shared, neither one being quite the same after.  When a creator creates something they are passionate about, they pour a piece of themselves into it…and the creation changes them.  A touch, the finessing, the trust, feeling, light, fulfillment.  This is art, to me.

You are the creator of your own destiny.  ~ Eva

Memory lane role play videos:

Goatswood – I enjoyed the swing..

I’m not in this one – but Shadow Tarber is!

Goatswood lives on in memory:

Mjolnir – my gorean RP home, now ashes:

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