Workshop Series: Art of Animating Dance – speaking through movement

Workshop Overview:

Art of Animating Dance is a continuing series as we explore creating dance animation choreography in SL.

Highlights include:

  • defining the message/emotion
  • choosing animations for effect, style, and transition
  • animations, animation stores, and insights
  • selecting the animation order for your dance
  • animation “hits” and pauses
  • first and last impressions
  • transitions
  • flow of the choreography
  • creating a timed sequence
  • and more

Each workshop will be presented in a positive and relaxed environment as we explore each topic in-depth, with a focus on hands-on and interactive activities. Following workshops will pick up where the previous left off. Workshop notes will be available after the repeat session on Wednesday.

  • There is no commitment or registration required
  • You may attend any of the sessions but please be prepared to focus on the topics to be presented that session
  • You may participate or listen
  • A dance HUD with animations may be necessary to participate, depending on the session. Any dance HUD is acceptable, but the following HUDs are preferred: Spot On, MST, Barre, Artiste.
  • There are no fees, but donations are appreciated


  • two sessions a month, offered on Saturday and repeated following Wednesday
  • select Saturdays, 10:00 am
  • following Wednesdays, 4:30 pm

Please see Workshops for schedule