Spot On Smooth Dancer – Focus on Sequences

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

Create a sequence of timed animations by using the amazing record feature in the Smooth Dancer HUD.  Learn how to create multiple sequences, and manually edit them when needed!  We will also touch on smoothing transitions, blind animations, and how you CAN perform using only the Smooth Dancer HUD!  Includes creating your own sequence and a group activity.

Requirements:  Come prepared with a Smooth Dancer HUD loaded with at least 20 animations.  Be familiar with inviting dancers, removing, and reinviting.

Workshop Flow:

Preparation for Participants:

Attach your Smooth Dancer HUD loaded with at least 20 animations.  This should be a “clean” HUD – the !!Sequences notecard still original in the contents.


During this workshop we are focusing on recording and playing sequences with the Smooth Dancer HUD.  We will also be introducing “blind” animations, manually editing a sequence, and even recording a sequence within a sequence!  Don’t worry!  If you know how to play animations with your Smooth Dancer HUD, this is just a small hop, skip, and a jump to learn!

  • What is a sequence
  • Timed and untimed
  • The !!Sequences notecard
  • Creating, performing, and editing an untimed sequence
  • Creating and performing and editing a timed sequences
  • Sequence within a sequence

Jump Start:

  • Load 20 animations in a “clean” Smooth Dancer HUD
  • Be comfortable playing animations from the ALL tab
  • Be comfortable opening your HUD contents while wearing it
  • Look at the !!Sequences notecard in the HUD contents.  It contains basic examples of an untimed (loose animations) sequence, and a timed sequence