NEW 2018: Performance Director – The Basics

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

Bringing Dance Sequences & Choreography Designer Together in the Performance Director

An introduction to what the Performance Director can do and how it brings together the power of timed sequences, movers, and more.  This class will focus on exploring the HUD, the structure of the Performance Director Routine notecard, and different aspects of how this tool can be used as the conductor of your performance.

Note:  a strong familiarity with the foundation tools:  timed sequences and creating Choreography Design system routes, is preferred.

Requirements:  Own the Performance Director to participate.  As always, everyone is welcome to participate or listen.

Workshop Flow:


  • A Performance Director Routine notecard example


  • If you will participating, select a build pad and sit on the stool
  • Attach your workshop HUD and follow the instructions delivered via notecard upon sitting
  • Rez on your build pad the unpacked box for Performance Director ver x.  You can obtain a new copy from the Spot On redelivery terminal.


  1. An Introduction to the Performance Director
  2. What the Performance Director can do
  3. How individual creation tools and effects come together with the Performance Director
  4. What is in the box
  5. Demonstration of a Performance Director performance
  6. Best Practices
    1. Focus on Foundation
    2. Name your Performance Director
  7. Step by Step – Routine notecard groups
  8. Step by Step – Sequences in the notecard
  9. Step by Step – Animations in the Performance Director
  10. Step by Step – How the Performance Director coordinates with Spot On movers
  11. Activity – create a Performance Director Routine notecard with 1 group
  12. Demonstration of this Routine
  13. Activity – creating a second group in your Performance Director Routine notecard
  14. Demonstration of this Routine

Jump Start:

  • Be familiar with timed sequences in the Spot On format, whether recorded through Smooth Dancer or created manually if you prefer
  • Be familiar with the Spot On Choreography Design system, movers, and mover notecards

At the end of the workshop, attendees will receive a link to the workshop notes.  Please do not share this link with others, it is provided for your convenience.

The workshop notes will contain additional misc. facts and information such as the minimum and maximum number of dancers for the Performance Director and how to update, etc.