Performance Director Class 2: Creating Routines, Groups, and Using Your HUD

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

In this workshop we take all of the foundation we’ve covered to actually start creating routines and groups for animations, and also integrate your movers.  We will also configure buttons as you may for a performance.  All hands on, both individually and in small groups.  You will actually be creating and demonstrating a “performance” from the materials provided.

Participation Requirements:  Own the Performance Director HUD.  Be comfortable in creating routes with the Choreography Design system.  *Must have completed Performance Director Class 1: Basics or have comparable knowledge*

Workshop Flow:

Preparation for Participants:

The following class supplies will be provided:

  1. Two timed sequence notecards.
    1. a solo dance
    2. a 2 person dance
  2. Three mover notecards with waypoints – dancer 1 (both dances) and dancer 2.
  3. Two blank routine notecards
  4. A particle to wear
  5. Animations used in the timed sequences
  6. A fade screen


  1. Rez an empty Performance Director HUD on your pad
  2. Add to this HUD the two routine notecards and the animations provided
  3. Rez a single mover.  To this mover, add both routine notecards for dancer 1.  Remove “mover dancer 1” from the notecard names.
  4. Add the particle so that you are wearing it.
  5. Rez the fade screen in front of your pad, this is your fade screen/curtain.


We will be creating two routines during this workshop using the materials provided.  The first will be for a solo dance, the second will be for a 2 person dance.

Creating a Performance Director Routine for 1 dancer

  1. Considerations and how the pieces work together, questions and diagram
  2. update your mover notecard to identify the dancer
  3. create routine groups in the PD routine notecard
  4. “convert” a timed routine from the Smooth Dancer to the PD
  5. activate a particle during the performance
  6. show and hide the fade screen from a button for your performance

Creating a Performance Director Routine for 2 dancers

  1. Considerations when you have multiple dancers in your routine
  2. Preparing your mover notecard for the 2 person dance
  3. Preparing the mover for the 2nd person
  4. Review the timed routine notecard provided to determine what groups are needed
  5. Create routine groups in the PD routine notecard
  6. activate the fade during your performance and at the end, within the timeline
  • During the 2 person performance, anyone listening to the workshop is asked to stand on a mover.  Alts will also be brought in so that all participants will have a second dancer on their movers.  Thanks!

Jump Start:

Helpful things to know if you’d like a bit of a head start.

  • Have a basic familiarity with what a Performance Director Routine notecard looks like.  (I’ve pasted one below.)
  • Be comfortable with basic editing of your mover notecards – in this case we’ll be adding the @spot_dancer command and renaming them

For the sake of time, you’ll be provided with a “dance plan” and the choreography.  The primary goal of this workshop is how you can put these pieces together and make the performance happen with the Performance Director.

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