NEW 2018: Choreography Designer – Creating Routes: Turns, Travel, Sleep, and Rotation

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

Geared for those who know the basics, our focus now turns to participants building a complete route for a dancer.  After a brief review of the types of movement, sleep, travel time, and an introduction to turn time, participants will first be creating a route based on simple directions, then will build a route of their own creation from start to finish.  A very hands on practical workshop with lots of interaction and support.

(60 min, Build Studio)

** Requires the Spot On Choreography Design system version 2.0 to participate , be comfortable moving linked prims, and have a basic understanding of waypoints.  All are welcome to attend and listen!

Workshop Flow:

Preparation for Participants:

  1. Make sure you have the most current version of the Spot On Choreography Design System – version 2.0.
  2. Rez a “clean” version of the Choreo Designer ring on your building pad.
  3. Attach the standard Choreo Designer hud.


  1. Overview of Workshop – putting together the pieces to build a full and functional dance route.
  2. Types of movement, review and demonstration:
    1. move from point a to b
    2. rise or lower
    3. angles
    4. rotation
    5. turns
  3. Review of sleep time and travel time
  4. An introduction to the new turn time feature in version 2.0
  5. Activity – follow basic instructions to create a  route
    1. every participant will be given a list of basic instructions to build a route which we will work through together and individually for those ready for more challenge.  Example:
      • start your dancer facing forward, have them sleep for 11.5 seconds
      • move forward for 5 seconds
      • move forward for 5 seconds at an angle, turn time of 4 seconds, sleep 5 seconds
      • move your dancer backward for 8 seconds, sleep for 2 seconds
      • turn your dancer to face the audience for 0.5 seconds
      • move your dancer forward for 2 seconds
      • angle your dancer up for 0.5 seconds (think of a plane taking off)
      • have your dancer angle up and forward 2m off the ground for 3 seconds, then sleep for 5 seconds
      • rotate your dancer so they are still 2m off the ground but now parallel to the floor (not angled), facing the audience, sleep for 3 seconds
      • bring your dancer down flat to the floor for 2 seconds
  6. Review of our route
  7. Activity – Participants create a route of their own choice, minimum of 8 waypoints.
  8. Review and Questions

Jump Start:

Refresh on these things:

  • Adding waypoints
  • Editing linked parts and moving individual waypoints
  • Rotating individual waypoints
  • What is sleep time
  • What is travel time
  • Getting a notecard

Make sure you have the Spot On Choreography Design System version 2.0.  Re-deliveries available at the Spot On store.