Choreography Designer – Creating Multiple Dancer Routes, Using Prefixes, Stats, and Particle Paths

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

A step beyond the basics, we start exploring some of the additional features that can make creating choreography routes so much easier!  Know how to update a movement card?  Add waypoints, what (travel) time and sleep time are?  This is the next step as we explore other handy options available – what they do, why you would want to use them, and most importantly – how!  You’ll wonder how you worked without using handy features such as prefixes, stats, particle paths, and copying choreography routes in seconds!

Participation Requirements:   

Own Spot On Choreography Design System 2.0, have a basic familiarity with creating waypoints and updating the mover notecard.

Workshop Flow:

Class Supplies:

None provided.


Select a building pad and rez your designer ring.


You’ve learned how to create a dance route.  Now we focus on making the Choreo Design System work for YOU!  Harness the features and take the guess work out of your dance routes!

We begin with creating a dance route of 8 waypoints with significant movement for a single dancer.  This route will be used as a starting point to create movements for 3 dancers – easily, efficiently, and controlled –  all hands on and fully explained.

  • Save time by using shift-drag to duplicate your designer ring and waypoints.
  • We’ll be customizing the dance routes – crossing over routes, changing formations, and more!
  • Tips for using prefixes to easily identify waypoints from different designer rings.
  • Revisit stats – arrival and departure times for your waypoints, know where your dancers will be when.
  • Using particle paths to follow your route and to find missing waypoints!

Jump Start:

Review basic choreo design system concepts:

  • creating waypoints
  • sleep time and (travel) time
  • creating a mover notecard and playing your route
  • comfortable editing linked parts (moving waypoints individually)