Barre HUD Basics – Benefits, Loading Animations, and Sequences

Workshop Overview:

The Barre HUD is an alternate animation and choreography HUD that can provide additional flexibility in dance.  It is the #1 HUD for large crowd dancing and free styling.  It is an excellent tool to consider adding to your toolbox.

Requirements to participate:  Own the Barre HUD to participate.  All are welcome to attend and listen!

Workshop Flow:

Class Materials Provided:

  • starting animations (if needed)


  • If you will be participating, make sure to have either an empty HUD or a Barre HUD with animations loaded that you can change.  (Not a HUD prepared for a performance)


  • Explore the basics of what the Barre HUD does
  • Review the strengths of the Barre HUD, especially in regards to crowd dances
  • Load animations into the HUD and review the key functions for dance

Goal:  Provide insight into the Barre HUD, how it is used for large crowd dances such as those at Elysium, and provide a basic understanding of how to use it

Jump Start:

Helpful things to know if you’d like a bit of a head start.