An Introduction to Troff

Please check the calendar to see when this workshop is next scheduled or contact EvaHarley inworld if you are interested.  Harleyquin Calendar

Workshop Overview:

Troff is a music player specifically designed for learning music and creating choreography.  Easily loop all or part of a song, create markers to return to specific sections, and includes a count in before playing – excellent for recording sequences or practicing!  With just a little review it is quite easy to learn and use.

During this workshop we will explore:

  • the different sections of the software (the interface)
  • how to “add” songs to the list
  • creating markers (labels/notations)
  • how to loop the entire song or sections
  • why and how to use the countdown feature and wait between
  • editing a marker

troff 2

Workshop Flow:

The workshop will be geared towards users who have installed Troff on their computer though it is not required.  We will be using one song for the walkthrough, demonstration, and screenshots: Jason Derulo, The Sky’s the Limit (links below)

  1. Brief review of primary categories/options:
    1. Songs, Settings, Info, and Countdown
  2. Adding songs to Troff
  3. Play, stop, and adding markers
    1. How markers can be used for choreography
  4. Looping music
    1. How looping can be used for choreography and recording sequences
  5. Setting features
    1. Start before and stop after
    2. Pause before and wait between
    3. Speed and Volume
    4. How these features can aid choreography and recording
  6. Editing and removing markers


Jump Start:

Helpful things to know if you’d like a bit of a head start.


  • Download this music file and listen to it:

youtube link:
download link: