About Harleyquin Workshops/Class Etiquette

Thank you for your interest in Harleyquin workshops!

Basic information:

Workshops are taught in voice, in American English.

When arriving, please have voice active, mics muted.

Please arrive early, there may be class supplies to collect, check voice, and prepare.
NOTE:  The sim will be closed when the workshop begins

Except for the Pavilion and Particle Studio, there are two areas in each learning studio:  a listening area and participation area.

  • If you are prepared to participate, please select a participation pad.
  • If you are not prepared to participate or would prefer listening, please select a chair in the listening area.

Attending the Workshop:

Please read the workshop overview.  All are welcome to attend, listening or participating.  If you choose to participate, please make sure you meet any requirements for the workshop and are prepared.

Questions and feedback are welcome!  To ensure that all topics can be covered during the workshop, please keep any questions or comments related to what we are discussing in the workshop.  Additional time will be available after the workshop for questions.