Workshop Reboot – 2018

I am always striving to adjust and improve the Harleyquin workshops and my presentation of them.  My goal is for everyone attending to enjoy the learning process and walk away feeling inspired.  There is such a balance in presenting information, the amount of information, allotting time for practice, the asking of questions, and keeping the length of the workshop within a reasonable length of time.  To serve you all better, the workshops are being reformatted.

Change 1:

Workshops are being broken into smaller topics and no longer listed as “Workshop 1, Workshop 2, Workshop 3”.  There is still a natural flow, but you may choose which to attend if you have the basic skills required.  This allows attendees additional time to really focus and practice the topics covered during the (generally) one hour workshops.  As always, everyone is welcome to come and participate or listen.


Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics
Choreography Designer – Creating Routes: Turns, Travel, Sleep, and Rotation
Choreography Designer – Creating Multiple Dancer Routes, Using Prefixes, Stats, and Particle Paths
Choreography Designer – Synchronizing with Dance Sequences – no slides!
Choreography Designer – New 2.0 Features and Climbing Stairs
Choreography Designer – Rebuild Routes, Mirroring, Making and Editing Multiple Routes at the Same Time

Change 2:

Because everyone learns at a different rate, for select activities there will be three options:

  1. Activity
  2. Activity Challenge – Heat it Up
  3. Activity Challenge – The Frying Pan

This allows additional flexibility and an opportunity for all attendees to stretch at their own pace.  These activity challenges will also be in the workshop notes so that all attendees can try them on their own later.

Change 3:

For select workshops, there will be a half hour “warm-up” session before the workshop for anyone wanting to review/refresh their skills on that particular tool.

Change 4:

All class attendees will be provided a web link to the tutor notes after the workshop.  This allows me to create the notes using colors, font sizes, links, and most importantly images.  It also allows me to add additional notes we may not have covered during the workshop but which I feel are useful.   It also improves my ability to update and maintain.

Workshop attendees are asked not to share these links with others unless they are marked “Distribute Freely”.

Change 5:

I am reviewing all of the workshops to simplify preparation time and adding additional demonstrations when appropriate.  Workshops will also be broken into presentation/demonstration time and activity time.  As always, questions and interaction are welcomed, and there will be time for discussion.

Change 6:

The current schedule is being reviewed and adjusted, both to pick up the new “rebooted” structure and to ensure class rescheduling is minimized on my part.

I do hope these refinements improve the attendee experience, inspire, and provide a framework of learning and support.  Thank you all so much.  If you have attended a previous workshop and did not leave satisfied, I hope that you may attend one of the new rebooted workshops.  I am always open to feedback.

Yours in dancing,
~ Eva