Anxiety, Inner Peace, and Creation

There are some days you just want to roll back into bed before 9 am, and today was most definitely one of those days.  Unexpected interactions, surprise disappearances, and the pressure we put on ourselves is this horrid concoction for anxiety – not that it needs any help.  I, like many, every day face controlling anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.  For me, I know it’s not rational, the thoughts and worries that drown out everything else.  Every day I’m aware of the triggers coupled with other factors that can begin a spiral – lack of motivation, lack of creativity, unable to focus, hide under my rock, tiredness.  This is NOT me, and it does NOT make me weak.

For me, it is a constant flow of redirecting energy, rebalancing, and opening to inner peace within.  Being confident or just rolling with the flow and embracing the moment.  If you’ve heard me DJ – you’ve definitely heard me living in the moment!

Often I pour this into my dance – all of it.  I believe that even within dance in SL, energy can be expressed.  In the creation itself, and also from the performers on the stage.  There is true magic there.  Those that dance with me are so much more than someone who sits on a pad.  It is a connection, a shared moment together, often with playful banter and some ‘loosening up’.  Letting go of everything else except for that moment.  Trust.

Meditation for me is also a method for channeling energy and reducing stress.  Redirection.  Below is one that speaks to me, and perhaps others.

Be who you are, without regret, without asking permission, without doubts.  You do not lack anything, even though at times you may feel that way – or others may even tell you that you do.  Believing in yourself is one of the most powerful acts of kindness you could ever perform and from this can stem so many incredible things.

Your colors, your canvas, your choice, your moments.  Own it.
~ Eva

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3 Responses to Anxiety, Inner Peace, and Creation

  1. Martin Greenwood says:

    /me has heard Miss Harley DJing, and can confirm that she was living the moment! I still remember the energy you put in your DJ sets, AND in your couple dances…

    No anxiety will ever be able to take all of your energy away. And even if you fall, you will rise back up and relive your glory!


    • evaharley says:

      It is so wonderful to hear from you Martin! So very well said, and at times I do fall…but I do rise up again – sometimes even stronger. I DJ a show on Sundays at 5 pm slt. I do hope you can make it sometime, would be great to see you. 🙂


      • Martin Greenwood says:

        I have quit SL a few months ago, that’s why you didn’t see me
        But I used to come to your sets at that beach resort, remember?
        I think those were the times when you just started to DJ; I wonder if you play different music genres nowadays …


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