Harleyquin Workshops – Descriptions

Unless noted, all workshops are scheduled for 1 hour and are held in voice.
For scheduled workshops, click here:  Calendar

Spot On Smooth Dancer – Putting Your HUD to Work
Great for anyone new to the Smooth Dancer HUD or still familiarizing themselves.  From loading the HUD, to what all the buttons mean, inviting others, group activities and participation!  Learn and become comfortable with the Smooth Dancer HUD.
Requirements:  Own the Smooth Dancer HUD

Spot On Smooth Dancer – Focus on Sequences
Create a sequence of timed animations by using the amazing record feature in the Smooth Dancer HUD.  Learn how to create multiple sequences, manually edit, and even use sequences within a sequence!  We will also touch on smoothing transitions, blind animations, and how you CAN perform using only the Smooth Dancer HUD!  Includes creating your own sequence and a group activity.
Requirements:  Come prepared with a Smooth Dancer HUD loaded with at least 20 animations.  Be familiar with inviting dancers, removing, and reinviting.

Prims – Working with Prims and Prim Properties
Whether you are a builder, a choreographer, or a dancer, learn how to manage prim properties.  Move waypoints easier, setting exact prim rotations, how to tint objects and costume pieces, plus more!
Requirements:  Know how to rez a prim

Prims – Working with Linked Prims and Faces
Did you think this was only for builders?  No!  Working with linked prims is helpful for not only sets and movers, but also editing costumes, working with HUDs, and almost everything!  Lean how to deconstruct modify objects, put them back together again, change linked pieces, finding those hidden scripts!  Learn what a root prim is and how you can change face textures and colors of an object.  All hands on, construction and de-construction supplies provided.   Sledge hammer optional.
Requirements:  Know how to rez a prim, basic understanding of the edit window

Spot On Stage Manager
One of several rezzer systems available, this is a very versatile tool that integrates seamlessly with the other Spot On Tools.  We cover how Stage Manager rezzes sets based on the venue, how to load one or more sets into a rezzer, de-rezzing, and modifying a loaded set, plus any tips and tricks I know.  We will also be covering why your sets should be phantom.  Hands on – you will be doing all of this during the workshop!  Set supplies will be provided.
Requirements:  Own the Spot On Stage Manager, Know how to link and unlink prims.

Spot On Costume Assistant
Use this tool to add or remove objects to your dancers and/or yourself all with a simple command.  Objects include props, clothing pieces, worn particles, and more.  We cover everything from the basics to how to trigger costume/prop changes through the Performance Director and other tools!  A fun hands on exercise also included in the workshop.
Requirements:  Own the Spot On Costume Assistant

Particles for Performance
During this workshop we review the different types of particles, ways to effectively use them to enhance your dance, trigger types and methods, considerations and resources.  Includes demonstrations, and extras.  Does not include actually learning how to make your own effects, but I do demonstrate two tools that I do use for that purpose.
Requirements:  None

Making Your Own Special Effects HUD
Triggering changes, actions, and effects during a dance can add significant impact to a performance.  We will review how this can be accomplished through the Performance Director or configuring one of the HUD buttons, but we are also going to add a new tool to your arsenal – how you can create your own special effects trigger HUD.  We’ll discuss what you can do with it and why you may want to create one.  It is easier than you think!   Includes a hands-on exercise where you will create your own and trigger a little bit of magic!
Requirements:  Basic knowledge of editing notecards, the object contents window

Choreography Design System Review
A refresher class for those familiar with waypoints, travel time, sleep time, but not yet comfortable with the system.  We will be focusing on the hands on basics and practice activities, both individually and in small groups.  Pre-defined “movement plans” will be provided – you focus on making it happen!  We will also review coordinating your dance sequence with timing your movers.
Requirements:  Own the Current Choreography Design System, Understand the concepts of waypoints, travel time, sleep time, and how to get and update a mover notecard.  Have some experience or have attended previous Harleyquin workshops on the Choreography Design System.

Performance Director Class 1:  The Basics
Bringing Dance Sequences & Choreography Designer Together in the Performance Director
An introduction to what the Performance Director can do and how it brings together the power of timed sequences, movers, and more.  This class will focus on exploring the HUD, the structure of the notecard, and different aspects of how this tool can be used as the conductor of your performance.  Note:  a strong familiarity with the foundation tools:  timed sequences and creating Choreography Design system routes, is required.
Requirements:  Own the Performance Director HUD, have a timed sequence notecard, and be comfortable in creating routes with the Choreography Design system.

Performance Director Class 2: Creating Routines, Groups, and Using Your HUD
In this workshop we take all of the foundation we’ve covered to actually start creating routines and groups for animations, and also integrate your movers.  We will also configure buttons as you may for a performance.  All hands on, both individually and in small groups.  You will actually be creating and demonstrating a “performance” from the materials provided.
Requirements:  Own the Performance Director HUD, bring a timed sequence notecard and a Performance Director HUD loaded with the animations used.  Be comfortable in creating routes with the Choreography Design system.  *Must have completed Performance Director Class 1: Basics or have comparable knowledge*

Performance Director Class 3:  Advanced, Making it Sing
We’re taking it to the next level, more complicated routines, incorporating special effects, triggers, private IMs, multiple routines, autoloading, debugging, and more.  A mix of demonstration and open forum sharing.  Please bring a fully loaded and prepared Performance Director with a routine you can “play” with.
Requirements:  Thorough experience using the Performance Director in performing on stage.  Fully loaded Performance Director HUD.

Performance Director – Routines & Refresher
Shaking the dust off.  In this workshop, we will review creating routine notecards, assigning groups, and coordinating your movers.  The workshop will be hands on as you take a previously recorded dance sequence and mover notecards to create a full Performance Director routine with groups working individually and with others.  Mover notecards will be provided.
Requirements:  Have used the performance director before (or tried) and have a basic familiarity.  Must bring a timed sequence notecard and a Performance Director HUD loaded with the animations used. Be comfortable in creating routes with the Choreography Design system.

Spot On Synchronization – Using the Tools for Multiple Routines & Starting Your Dancers Backstage
Use the Performance Director?  Wish your dancers could get on their movers early?  That you could just create your route for a dance on stage and not have the first way point backstage and hope you press play fast enough to get them on stage before the curtain opens?
If you use the Performance Director, Stage Manager, and Choreography Design System you CAN do this – easily.  We will review how you can create backstage notecards, understage notecards, and other things that will take the stress from getting your dancers in position!  I will also share how I easily incorporate this into all my new dances – within minutes and across venues!
Requirements:  Must own and have used the Performance Director, Stage Manager, and Choreography Design System in performance, and be comfortable in using them. 



  • Scripting for Performance – Making things “listen” with a script
  • Scripting for Performance – Changing color & texture
  • Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics
  • Choreography Designer – Creating Routes and
    Synchronizing with your Sequences – no slides!
  • Choreography Designer Advanced Features and
    Making it Sing
  • Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – The Basics
    an amazing tool for creating performances
  • Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – Editing Your Own Music
  • Creating a Small Stage Performance
  • Creating a Crowd Dance with the Barre HUD


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