Harleyquin Workshops

One of the things I love about performance in SL is the opportunity for creativity, to stretch out of the comfort zone, and to try new things.  I learn from everywhere and everyone – new to the dance world, or a long term member.  I learn as much from what doesn’t work to what does.  There are so many who are willing to share what they know and do it in their own way.  I believe it is important to have many teachers, and take from it what works for you.

I enjoy teaching workshops and often learn just as much, having taught in SL for many years.  First, as part of the Journey Academy for Performing Arts, later a Dancing Outside the Lines instructor, then my own private classes, and now as Harleyquin.  Classes are held in voice and taught in a combined lecture/discussion and creation area as seen below.

Please click here to view the current workshop schedule, and contact EvaHarley in-world to register.  Calendar


Harleyquin Workshops:

  • Spot On Smooth Dancer – The Basics
  • Spot On Smooth Dancer – Focus on Sequences
  • Working with Linked Prims and Faces
  • Working with Prims and Prim Properties
    Do more than you ever thought!
  • Spot on Stage Manager
  • Multi-Scene Rezzer
  • Spot on Costume Assistant
  • Particles for Performance
  • Making your own Special Effects HUD
  • Scripting for Performance – Making things “listen” with a script
  • Scripting for Performance – Changing color & texture
  • Performance Director Basics
    Bringing Dance Sequences & Choreography Designer Together
    in the Performance Director
  • Performance Director – Routines & Refresher
  • Performance Director – Advanced, Making it Sing
  • Choreography Designer – Introduction & the Basics
  • Choreography Designer – Creating Routes and
    Synchronizing with your Sequences – no slides!
  • Choreography Designer Advanced Features and
    Making it Sing
  • Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – The Basics
    an amazing tool for creating performances
  • Audacity Music Player & Editing Program – Editing Your Own Music
  • Performance Director Advanced – Multiple Routines & Starting your dancers Backstage
  • Creating a Small Stage Performance
  • Creating a Crowd Dance with the Barre HUD
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