I Have a Confession…

Amazing difference a new day can make isn’t it…changing your mindset, stop fighting against your own current and embracing what is, focusing on inner peace, breathing deep, and all that good stuff.  So what did I learn?

I have an overwhelming need to organize things – even keeping them squeaky clean…soap and bubbles included.  I love gadgets and tools that help me sort things, find things.  Right now my challenge is sorting my animations – the walks, the tosses, flip, spins, and stomping around.  I think I have a picking nose one too…  I can never ever find what I want…like ever!  I love systems, I love flow, having a place for things and things in their place.  I love focusing my time on what I enjoy, and when I stop to look for a pose I say – “BOOM!  There’s the one!”.

Would I recommend this level of insanity to everyone?  No!  LOL.  It takes time and I work on it when I’m in the mood.  Honestly it’s like Christmas as I sort through inventory and play with all my animations, getting them organized.  It’s my happy place!  Twisted, eh?  I totally own my quirks. :))

Also made me realize I have a way I like to work.  I use a private blog and make lists of steps to take when creating, preparing to teach etc.  Relatively brief outlines but it keeps me focused…which is a great thing for me!  When I didn’t make my list and was flying by the seat of my pants on my current creation?  MASS CHAOS!  Order and peace have been restored in the land and all is progressing now.  The fun thing?  Ask anyone in the dance world the way they create and you will get different answers!  What’s YOUR way, what makes sense to you?  What way makes you the happiest, most relaxed, most inspired?  DO THAT!  If something isn’t coming together, you’ll know, then adjust to what feels right and keep on trucking.

That led my thoughts to meandering…all work and no play makes for a dull SL!  I’m thankful a friend, Ally, nudged me to take a break and enjoy a poetry reading!  I have been fishing a lot and I’m going to start tossing 7seas fish to the audience…next I need to play with the blue prints but first…I’m in the mood to create a new toy.  I dream of adventure, riding the wild seas, living amongst the natives!  There’s a whole wide SL out there to explore, not to mention events…  I’m even going to read a poem next time!

Exploring my wild side performing in the Night Players show was a blast.  That’s actually something new for me – stepping out of my comfort zone and fear of judgement.   So much to explore, to create…but all in time.  Seeing dance as art and a new level of expression, new ideas… Still working on pacing myself. 🙂  Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell was running hot, and I had an immense amount of fun with my dancers and the costumes they put together.  A huge thank you to Tristan for recording it.  Not safe for work, you can find it here: https://harleyquinadventure.wordpress.com/2017/04/09/my-own-dance-videos/


And now, I’m going to get real with you.  SL can be a crazy world, where we meet all kinds of people.  There are so many wonderful people I’m grateful to know, have known, danced with, or have met.  Some…for perhaps a very brief moment.  People come and go from our lives, and it is true that nothing ever stays the same.  I myself am not the same person I was two years ago.  Two years from now, I will not be the same person I am today.  We don’t connect with everyone, we’re not meant to.  I was reminded yesterday, by friends and other gentle nudges by the universe, to embrace myself and who I am.  To see deeply within, that home and peace are inside each of us.  To challenge my comfort zone, embrace freedom, joy, whimsy, new adventures, confidence, and being more open.  To be happy and content within myself, with no expectations of others, and not to compare.  To let go.

I am an intense, quirky, rambling, creative, impulsive, and imperfect person – and you know what?  I’m ok with that.  I don’t need everyone to accept me, to understand me, or even to be overexcited to dance or even talk with me.  I care, without strings, and follow my words with action.  We are all stronger than we know.

Two amazing dances to continue on with, fun classes coming up, and tomorrow a new challenge/adventure.  Life is good.

Use all the crayons ~ embrace your fears ~ believe in yourself

Quotefancy-786817-3840x2160         quirky

My dance animations…see?  squeaky clean

My wardrobe…amazing gadget from Marketplace, uses a website and can even dress me.  Why I even buy more clothes is completely beyond me ^^


My poses…same wardrobe from Marketplace.  Let’s me organize, search, and see


and now…even my animations…on Gyazo…and yes, they’re all moving when I see this.  Will be adding more tags at some point…how do you classify butt scratching, btw?








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  1. how do you classify butt scratching, btw? “Chores” lol


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